Welcome to the SBLLN!

The SBLLN is the only program in Santa Barbara that addresses the under-representation of Latinas in leadership positions and responds to a critical need in the community – personal and leadership development, and relationship building via a strong network. Our mission is to promote the leadership, personal development, and relationship building resources that emerging and established women leaders need for their continued success in their professional, personal, and civic lives.


The SBLLN provides the venue to connect with other professionals from various sectors; develop professional and personal development skills; meet other accomplished women leaders from the community: And yes, have fun along the way!


Who is Daisy Gonzales?

I am passionate about empowering the next generation of Latina Leaders, electing more progressive women into elected office and ensuring that foster youth, and people with developmental disabilities and their families have access to the services and resources they need. I grew up in the Los Angeles foster care system, where I learned how access to public institutions is critical to the success of marginalized communities. As a child, I was one of five children in a Mexican immigrant household, where the adults were unable to vote and at best, wielded a fourth grade education.

Who is Victoria Juarez?

I grew up surrounded by fields of cotton in the Central Valley farming community of Kettleman City with four brothers, two sisters, and parents (along with a yard full of chickens) who loved me very much. My mom and dad worked hard every day so that I could go to school, stay healthy, and live in a peaceful town. Humble, but universal, aspirations. After having the opportunity to live abroad for a number of years I discovered that parents all over the world want these things for their children - education, healthcare and a world without bombs and war. Traveling helps me appreciate that I live in a country of abundance and opportunity.

Who is Megan Diaz

My father’s parents and my mother’s grandparents emigrated from Mexico to build a life for themselves in America. Their journey guides who I am today and why I am running for Santa Barbara City Council. I want to give a voice to people like me; people who have traditionally not had a lot of representation. I was born and raised in Crown Point, Indiana, and completed a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Columbia College Chicago. My passion for the environment on the central coast led me to the Santa Barbara area, where I have since worked for several non-profit organizations.